Misinformation & Manufactured Controversy: Isn’t It Ironic

Upon the release of Judge Ramsay’s decision (the Decision), Regional councillor, and board member, Tony Quirk took to Twitter to share his pleasure; reading Councillor Quirk’s opinion I am reminded of the Alanis Morrisett song, Isn’t It Ironic, where the irony lies in the fact that not one of the examples in the song is ironic.

Not surprisingly, Monday morning, the 27th of November, Michael Reles, Communications Director for the NPCA, in an email to the St Catharines Standard, replied to an inquiry on Member Quirks statements by saying member Quirks comments do not represent the position of the organization or board but rather are personal opinions.

Quirk does not speak for the authority and is free to voice
his opinion on the ruling. Asked if NPCA  or its board
of directors share Quirk’s opinions about Ramsay’s ruling,
Reles said in an email that “the board has not met since the
ruling and therefore has not formulated a position.” 


It doesn’t end there; later that evening, while presenting to Port Colborne council, a last minute handout by representatives of the NPCA to councillors makes the same abbreviated statements about sections 64, 65, and 69 of Judge Ramsay’s written decision.

The NPCA used [64] “the entry is deliberately misleading.” The rest of the sentence?
”….no reason to assign that blame to the defendant”. Isn’t it ironic?

Edition 2 Vol 1Misinformation

Edition 2 Vol 2 Misinformation 1


Author: Emily Spanton

Candidate, City of #StCatharines for #NiagaraRegion Council Twitter: @WhatDoesntKillU Facebook: fb.me/WhatDoesntKillU Contact: whatdoesntkillu@gmail.com

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