Cap Caper (the #PressFreedom Fiasco)

According to the video of Niagara Region council chambers, Preston Haskell left to use the facilities 15 minutes before council went in-camera. Throughout the time that Preston was away from the desk, his recorder is clearly visible on the desk.
Not under a hat…. yet.
Both David Barrick and Sandy Annunziata claim to have seen the recorder under a hat. In furtherance of the culture of #Misunderstanding in Niagara politics, Regional Chair Alan Caslin confirmed on the radio this morning that “a councillor was walking past the media desk, moved a hat, and found the device”.
1. How did the hat come to be covering the device?
2. Anyone else notice the heavy Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority influence in this manufactured controversy?
3. How do I sign up for magical superpowers? Think of the party trick possibilities!

Author: Emily Spanton

Candidate, City of #StCatharines for #NiagaraRegion Council Twitter: @WhatDoesntKillU Facebook: Contact:

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