NPCA Should Cut the Theatrics and Keep the Focus on more Pressing Issues

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Niagara At Large

Novelty Cheque’ Presentation Was a Waste of         Public’s Time

A Commentary by Niagara, Ontario resident and community activist Ed Smith

Posted March 26th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Last Thursday, March 22nd, at the regularly scheduled Regional Council meeting, Councillor Tony Quirk of Grimsby introduced a motion that in effect delays the payment – potentially indefinitely -of the $1.2 million the Niagara Peninsula Conservation had committed, only a few weeks ago, to return, the Niagara Region and, ultimately, to its taxpayers.

The giant cardboard ‘Novetly Cheque’ presentation at the March 1st Niagara regional council meeting. From left are Niagara Region’s chair Al Caslin, NPCA board chair and Fort Erie regional councilor Sandy Annunziata and Hamilton area NPCA board member James Kaspersetz.

The money was made available as the result of a decision made by the province’s Deputy Mining and Lands Commissioner in…

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Author: Emily Spanton

Candidate, City of #StCatharines for #NiagaraRegion Council Twitter: @WhatDoesntKillU Facebook: Contact:

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