Apparently, Not All Canadians Are Polite

Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON – As you know, I often attended municipal council meetings across the Region; never have I witnessed anything as rude or entitled as the crowd at Niagara-On-The-Lake.

…there really are no other words for it.

Even at the most heated NPCA board and Regional Council meetings, people are reminded to act with decorum.

The council chamber is a place for meaningful debate and all should feel welcome to voice what matters to them without fearing public mockery.

They heckled; it’s the twenty-first-century and I’m looking around for pitchforks and torches like we’ve been accused of witchcraft.

According to an article in The Standard, Lord Mayor Pat Darte said if he had tried to control the audience any more, the situation would have become worse.

I was shocked not only at the behaviour of the crowd but at Lord Mayor Pat Darte’s inaction; asked to comment, I could think only of words such as ‘aghast’ and ‘mortified’ – words that rarely feature in my lexicon; I’ve seen school children act with more maturity and respect.

A politics and policy writer, and I left the meeting speechless.

Who left NOTL without adult supervision?

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